Sagittarius season =  November 22 - December 22


This is the article to present you the basic traits of Sagittarius personality in vedic astrology. Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiac wheel which operates with the motto 'I See'. 

So,here are the traits which can be applied to a Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, Venus and Mercury. 


Energetic, Ambitious, Freedom Lover, Challenger, Extroverted, Traveller, Open communicator, Explorer, Humourous, Versatile, Big Flirts, Careless, Optimistic


Freedom is the most valued asset for a sagittarius. They always love to make their own choices. If they plan to do something then they will not listen to others. Their final choices are within themselves. As a fire sign, they have passion for various things. But if it comes to the time when they have to do something they don't like, then their independence nature comes into play. They love freedom to the point where they don't bother to interfere in others’ business and follow their own path. 

They have a great sense of humour. They are high spirited and have a “go with the flow” attitude. They are naturally gifted with the ability to have intellectual conversations, relay wonderful stories and ideas. They are a born entertainer. We can find many of them indulging in TV, theatre, publishing and communication sectors. We can take famous figure Mark Twain who is the most famous sagittarius in above mentioned fields. 

When sagittarius is dealing with the lowest point in their life, they believe that there's a light shining around the corner. 

When sagittarius is dealing with the lowest point in their life, they believe that there's a light shining around the corner. Their confidence is great. They are extremely friendly and charming and face life with full elegance. They have a hunger to experience life to its fullest. They love to travel, meet new people and see things they have never seen before. As they are affected by their moods, they are highly extroverted and become irritated when bored. 

They are highly keen to gain knowledge and experience in various fields like music, nature, philosophy, technology, astrology, theatre and animals too. They have this huge energy to focus their attention in five to six fields at once. Similar to other fire signs, staying patiently and doing one work continuously is hard for them. They are bored quickly so that is also the reason for them to not complete their task quickly. 


  They love to go wild by following maps of new destinations. 


They love to go wild by following maps of new destinations. If you are close to them then make sure you are always ready for unplanned trips. Sagittarians are freedom seekers and will make frequent trips no matter how chaos their schedule is. They even choose jobs where they get frequent vacations and new travelling experiences. Considering this, a job of a tourist guide is the most suited for them. As they love to discover new places, cultures and people, that job will be absolutely beneficial to them. 


Since they are freedom and adventure lovers, this also applies to their love life. Flirting comes naturally to them and it's always on their to do list. They don't care about the person who is targeted, they will flirt to enjoy their freedom of options. This job is more pleasing to them. They even flirt with such charm that it is harmless and others are attracted to them naturally. 


Sagittarius sometimes act like a careless person. 


Sagittarius sometimes act like a very careless person. They take things for granted and are always seeking freedom which kind of depicts that they don't care about anyone else but themselves only. Because of this nature, they often have to listen to criticism from all the corners. If they can show people their serious approach to life, then only people might trust them but most often they are seen as someone who doesn't care about anything. 


Sagittarius people are really smart in managing money. They understand that making money is very important. So, they work very hard in order to earn money. They often choose to work independently as they have independent nature. So, they don't like taking orders from someone else. They get very serious when it comes to money. They even save money and invest it properly. They understand the value of money and properly plan before spending. 


Though they may seem naive, but are quite wholesome and have positive intentions. 


Though sagittarius may seem as naive, but they are quite wholesome and have positive intentions. They believe in the positive aspects of life. They don't like being sad when things don't go according to plan. They hate negativity. Therefore, they keep people with a positive mindset around them. 


So, hope you all had a basic idea about Sagittarius personality. If you have someone with Sagittarius zodiac then make sure you share this content with them. If you are a Sagittarius but with different planet positions then make sure to follow up with our planetary content of Sagittarius.