Aquarius season =  January 20 - February 18


This is the article to present you the basic traits of Aquarius personality in vedic astrology. Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac wheel which operates with the motto 'I Know'. 

So,here are the traits which can be applied to an Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, Venus and Mercury. 


Analytical, Humanitarian, Independent, Easy Going, Smart, Extreme Tempered, Original, Helpful, Fears Confrontation, Progressive, Creative, Unpredictable


Aquarius are the loners of the zodiac series like Aries. Intellectual and physical independence is what they crave in their entire lives. They refuse to compromise. They happily ignore what others think and work their ways on new paths. Though they engage with people and love to hear about their opinions, they are content to be alone. They love relaxing at home. They are quite detached beings. If they feel trapped, they try to free themselves from such situations. 


They are mostly in their own heads. They love to gather knowledge, imagine their dreams and scientific world in their minds. They could be engaging themselves in a conversation but not be fully concentrated in what the other person has to say because they get quite busy thinking about the outer spaces most of the time. 

They are humanitarians. 


They are humanitarians. They understand other humans and care about the affairs happening on this planet. They like justice and fair treatment in the world. They even love involving in charity works and helping people in need. They enjoy working for the service of people. They have a huge heart inclined towards solving all the humanitarian problems of the world. 

Since they are able to deal with all kinds of personalities from every walk of their life, they are the most easy going people out there. They don't judge people by their wealth or position. Even if they meet the president or the king, they will be their real-self. They believe that we all are human beings and it's absolutely wrong to judge people by one aspect. 


  Beneath their detached and unemotional exterior, we can find one of the kindest souls. 


Beneath their detached and unemotional exterior, we can find one of the kindest souls. An aquarius friend is extremely helpful. They will do anything to help people solve their problems. They do help but they never let other people use them or become fully dependent on them. They show their affection in a quite different way. It's more of the helping way than the emotional one. 


They are intellectually genius human beings. They have this amazing quality to impress others through their ideas. They are not hesitant to openly share their opinions. They are fast thinkers. They have a scientific as well as an artistic mind. In career as well, they are involved in various areas of work due to their vast knowledge and capabilities. 


They are constantly learning and progressing in their life.


Most of them love to create new ideas. They plan and work accordingly. They are constantly learning and progressing. Due to this nature, they don't like to stick to one job. Instead, they prefer to create various projects based on their own ideas and knowledge. They use their mind and are able to perceive their future. They are prepared beforehand and know exactly where they will reach in five to ten years' time span. 


Aquarians are unique beings. They are quite innovative. They can dream their desires and work hard to live their lively dreams. They have their own styles and have weird styles of clothing and hairstyle. Due to this, they can be labeled as weird but in reality they are truly being themselves. 

Since they are not afraid to think outside of the box, they are always working on creative projects and inventions. 


Since they are not afraid to think outside of the box, they are always working on creative projects and inventions. They are mostly prideful about their capability to create majestic ideas and breathtaking inventions to help the humankind. They are artistic and they love to express themselves in the form of arts like: painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, singing, etc. 


So, hope you all had a basic idea about Aquarius personality. If you have someone with Aquarius zodiac then make sure you share this content with them. If you are a Aquarius but with different planet positions then make sure to follow up with our planetary content of Aquarius.