Capricorn season =  December 22 - January 19


This is the article to present you the basic traits of Capricorn personality in vedic astrology. Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac wheel which operates with the motto 'I Use'. 

So,here are the traits which can be applied to a Capricorn Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, Venus and Mercury. 


Disciplined, Determined, Materialistic, Ambitious, Workaholic, Reserved, Diligent, Practical, Persistent, Organized, Responsible, Traditional, Pessimistic


Capricorns are one of the most ambitious beings on this planet. They set goals for themselves and work very hard to make sure it is fulfilled. They have this workforce quality that  pushes them to put in as much effort as possible. They always strive to be better. They can continuously work for long hours and eventually achieve their goals. 

They are the most practical beings. They believe that they themselves are responsible for their own deeds. They are quite mature in terms of handling things and following the pattern. They accept the mistakes, learn from them and keep going forward. They are never ready for setbacks and always ready to face challenges with full determination and responsibility. 


They are quite famous for their work ethics. 


They are quite famous for their work ethics. Their ability to work is absolutely insane and they are able to deliver their work on time. They spend hours on improving their skills. They can be quite excellent entrepreneurs and are obsessed with status and success. 

Since they are always about achieving success, they become stubborn on their values and set high standards. They are very traditional and have their own pattern of thinking. This also makes them reserved and that is why changing their beliefs is difficult. They are focused on the materialistic world and themselves only. They are stubborn to a point where they think only their recommended way will bring required outcomes. This makes other people difficult to deal with capricorns. 

  Though they work quite hard to achieve their goals, they only do it in order to fulfill their materialistic needs. 


Though they work quite hard, they do it in order to fulfill their materialistic needs. They are quite material oriented so that the only way they can be happy is through materials. If they don't get all the luxury they crave, they can be quite pessimistic. Because of this, they are never fully happy and satisfied with their life. 


They are practical people who are interested in making new things and finding solutions to the problems of the world. They are intelligent and know how to make things work. They prefer to do things directly instead of getting involved in the process of listening and writing about it. 

Though they are quite practical in their approach, when things don't go according to their plans, they immediately become pessimistic. 

Though they are quite practical in their approach, when things don't go according to their plans, they immediately become pessimistic. They have huge negativity. So, someone else must support them with full optimism during such times. They often get mood swings. So, they must be aware when a negative cycle hits them and affects their day-to-day life. 


They are good organizers. They are able to plan their work beforehand and take actions accordingly. Due to this, their work gets completed on time and they manage their work properly. They tend to connect with other people and keep necessary people close to them in order to plan their future. They are also quite good at managing roles in events. 


They are quite disciplined like a soldier in a battlefield. 


They are quite disciplined like a soldier in a battlefield. They follow every norm and value and are able to make sacrifices. They are quite strong in their approach and follow their ambition through continuous hard-work. During this whole process, they do their work in a disciplined way. They are aware of societal norms and can be quite well-mannered while following any traditional patterns. 


So, hope you all had a basic idea about Capricorn personality. If you have someone with Capricorn zodiac then make sure you share this content with them. If you are a Capricorn but with different planet positions then make sure to follow up with our planetary content of Capricorn.