Libra season =  September 22 - October 22

This is the article to present you the basic traits of Libra personality in vedic astrology. Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac wheel also known as the mediator among the signs which operates with the motto 'I Balance'. 

So,here are the traits which can be applied to a Libra Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, Venus and Mercury. 


Diplomatic, Indecisive, Social, Intelligent, Charming, Peaceful, Easy - Going, Clever, Non - Confrontational, Vain, Gentle, Cooperative, Craves Partnership, Logical


Libras are worldwide famous for being diplomatic. They select their words carefully and work to bring many people together through mutual cooperation. They act as a mediator and provide clear reasons to both sides of a situation. Their diplomatic approach helps to solve various problems in various aspects of life of a Libra. 

However, this diplomatic nature also results in indecisive nature. As Libra loves to keep things balanced, they can't make up their mind to take a side. In order to make a decision, they note down a list of positive and negative outcomes which will take a lot of time. Hence, this indecisive nature takes the best of them. Due to this nature, they also can't fully commit to something. 

Libras are one of the most extroverted signs and social butterflies.


Libras are one of the most extroverted signs and social butterflies. They love talking with people, making new friends, attending events and meeting people. They are mostly found acknowledging people's ideas and skills. They love to learn new things from different people. Being social makes them happy and fulfilled. 

Libras are smart, clever and excellent conversationalists. They love to imagine new stuff which makes them great. They also learn new skills through various people and can work more efficiently through teamwork. They love to experience the finest things in life and use their intelligence to gain their needs. In a discussion, Libras weigh out the outcomes and bring a conclusive result which will benefit every party involved. 

  They are friendly and flirty with people. 


Since they are known to be social butterflies, they have this ease and have quite a “go with the flow” attitude. Their free spirit draws many people towards them. They are friendly and flirty with people. They use these charming tactics to connect with as many people as possible. Others are also easily captivated by their looks and charm. They get a lot of better opportunities in life easily because of their attractive qualities. 


Libras are about partnership. They tend to work better with other peoples’ presence. If they are given to work alone, then they can't make up their mind and end up feeling anxious. They even seek relationships working as partners. They are always about other people and addressing others’ needs. So, they get fulfilled by working as partners. 


They are logical thinkers as well. 


Libras are logical thinkers as well. Instead of doing whatever their heart says, they tend to analyse the situations and bring logical conclusions. They have certain calculations in the brain and can give correct outcomes with meaningful logic and reasons. 


Libras are known to be like a monk. They want their environment to be peaceful and calm. They love to meditate. They feel happy to experience the best peaceful things in the world like massage therapy, spa, spending hours in a hot bath tube and enjoying the laps of nature. They hate drama and love to surround themselves with all the heavenly pleasures of life. 

They are vain in a sense that they are always thinking about their appearance to the outer world. 


They are vain in a sense that they are always thinking about their appearance to the outer world. They tend to show off a lot which even includes their own personal appearance. One may find a libra taking pictures of everything they do and every place they visit. They spend a lot of time grooming and shopping. It is very important for a Libra to look good in front of people so they maintain their presence accordingly. They don't even like to hang out with people who are less attractive. 


So, hope you all had a basic idea about Libra personality. If you have someone with Libra zodiac then make sure you share this content with them. If you are a Libra but with different planet positions then make sure to follow up with our planetary content of Libra.