Scorpio season =  October 23 - November 22

This is the article to present you the basic traits of Scorpio personality in vedic astrology. Scorpio is the eighth intense sign in the zodiac wheel which operates with the motto 'I Desire'. 

So,here are the traits which can be applied to a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, Venus and Mercury. 


Intense, Emotional, Magnetic, Powerful, Complicated, Competitive, Creative, Adaptable, Passionate, Secretive, Possessive, Persistent, Curious, Loyal


Scorpios are one of the top emotional beings. They are extremely generous, kind and loving. Their feelings are so intense that their driving force in life are their own feelings. They are very passionate about everything in which they become involved which may include: Work, relationships, hobbies and goals. They have an amazing determination. No matter how calm they appear to the outer world, they deal with various emotions underneath. 


Scorpios are quite competitive like Aries. But, their competitive nature is very different from other fire signs. It's more secretive. Though they are a fierce competition, they conceal this from others, especially from their own competitors. They tend to secretly spot weakness in other people and use this weakness against them to step up in their top game. 


Most Scorpios have intense eyes.


Most Scorpios have intense eyes. They have these magnetic qualities within them which draws many people into them. Their intense approach often excites others and people get attracted to them. Many people desire to have one-on-one time with scorpios. Mostly, they get along with fire signs a lot more than with their own water sign counterparts. 


They are quite complicated though. Their emotions are very different from other signs. They try to conceal their feelings which creates a big problem. They have these intense emotions and when such emotions are suppressed within them, it can create issues within the person. So, such a person cannot openly communicate the problems which are going on in their own lives and even cannot come up with a proper solution. Due to this, many Scorpios face problems in their relationships as well. 


  They are well known as a concealer. 


They are well known as a concealer. They tend to hide a lot of things. May it be in a relationship, family, life, workspace and with their colleagues. They don't like to show their emotions to others and are therefore labelled as secretive in showing their emotions as well. This secretive nature makes them excellent investigators in life. 


If a scorpio thought about achieving something then they work with full passion. They are very physical and intense. Sometimes their fierce nature can be seen as controlling, but their only intention is to protect their close ones. Their passion can be seen as the most amazing thing but sometimes it may get on the nerves of others. Their passion also helps them to work hard for achieving their goals. 

Scorpios are fond of one night stands. 


Scorpios are fond of one night stands. They get a lot of beautiful males and females to have a short term relationship. But if a scorpio is truly committed to someone or something, they are extremely loyal towards that person. Their trust is hard to earn but once they trust someone, they are truly loyal to them. They even dedicate their whole life to the next person who is close to them. They have this determination and will stick to their close friends and family till the end. 


Though they are extremely loyal, they become quickly enraged if the partner pays a little more attention to someone else of same sex as that of the ones they are dating. They are possessive because they love their partners intensely and cannot take a chance to lose them. They seem to hide their insecurities which results in possessiveness. This nature can harm their partner if not discussed openly. 


Those born under the sign of scorpio have deep creativeness within their souls. 


Those born under the sign of scorpio have deep creativeness within their souls. They are often musical and artistic and may explore various levels of power at their work. These natives may also make excellent careers in musical fields as they have a natural deep understanding of the vibrations of sound. 


So, hope you all had a basic idea about Scorpio personality. If you have someone with Scorpio zodiac then make sure you share this content with them. If you are a Scorpio but with different planet positions then make sure to follow up with our planetary content of Scorpio.