Quick Understanding

Simon Sinek has highlighted the concept of the golden circle and its correlation with What, How, and Why? He also has explained how the Limbic Brain functions with answering Why and How and the neocortex brain answers What.

What needs to be done?
How does it need to be done?
Why does it need to be done? 

Above are the questions that can help in the operation of an organization. The writer here explains Why is the prime question, as it drives the How and What that fuels the organization towards success.

The prime goal of Why is the vision that drives any organization/movement so that everyone can trust and be loyal to the organization/idea. Also, the writer extends the idea that Why brings the sense of belonging and purpose in the employees and customers.


Aspects in the book

The book is divided into six parts and 14 topics. It seems that the writer introduces the why concept in the beginning chapters by identifying anything that belongs to the Why question. In later chapters, the impact of Why is discussed. The writer also has introduced his own story in chapter thirteen which provides the reason for the idea he came across Why?

WHAT, HOW, and WHY are three questions that are marked important for any work to be carried out. The writer explains that, although What and How helps get things done, Why will make the everlasting impact and understand why someone should be part of it.


Who should read this book?

This book is a kind of motivational book as the writer himself is a motivational speaker. So, anyone who dreams of doing something can read this book once so that it provides the relation with success by asking themself the simple question of Why? Asking the question of Why would help to bring a clear purpose and identify the possible outcome!


Personal Review

It took me around a week to complete reading the book at a normal pace. Books contain a lot of information about various companies and movements and their success/failure reasons revolving around Why? The Book seems to be an add-on knowledge to many readers. It provides a side perspective to question one's thoughts in terms of What, How, and Why to self-reflect on what you intend to achieve while you begin with something!

Books seem to majorly focus on Apple's Story of Success with Steve Jobs's clarity on Why. There are a lot of stories of other companies and their founders/CEOs like Microsoft, Disney, Walmart, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, etc. This provides knowledge of the evolution of innovation and purpose-driven by ambitious founders in American Entrepreneurship.

As per my personal experience and understanding, we have a lot of challenges in life. Some will find simple answers like I am working for my living, family, children. That can be a simple answer to Why when many people question their career or job. It can be equally important as leading a family, helping someone in need to lead a company, driving to movement, or doing something ambitious. It might mislead so many people as the book seems to motivate people to define a bigger purpose with Why where other people can be inspired to follow with How and What.

I think the success/failure question can be completely answered with time, opportunities, and effects of a series of events along with a purpose driving question Why? So, the question of Why would add as an addon.