When I get mad at somebody, I express that anger, but also make a point of not punching them in the face” line from the book kind of relates to what the book is about. Manson here is trying to promote expression and how to live freely so that we stay happy without resulting in bad consequences!

What is most important in life? Career? Success? Possessions? Relationship? What we mostly think is important might not be important after all! In search of one thing, it’s likely to lose another. A poor man will have problems with money and a rich man might have problems that are more related to loneliness, which the poor don’t even have time to think about.

Quick takeaways from books are:

  • Problems are part of life and the way to see towards it can make a person happy/sad
  • Being clear of own wants and desires and taking less care about what others think may increase happiness
  • Making good choices is all about reducing the options you have and directing what you want
  • Life is not about looking happy but rather staying satisfied as it provides internal peace/ true happiness
  • Many things in life are part of someone else consequences, so it’s better to not run after things that we can’t control

Aspects in the book

The book is divided into nine chapters. Book has chapters that are quite depressing like “Happiness is a problem” or “You are not special” but while following those chapters we feel satisfied. The writer here is trying to show the reality that comes along. The book is a humble presentation of what a person needs to follow to attain true internal peace and satisfaction.

Who should read this book

If you are going through a hard phase of life, in a kind of low, or struggling with anxieties just give it a try. It will make you feel better!


Personal Review

The writer has delivered content beyond my expectations. The book comes from the blog writer so can be felt more direct. The book is not about detailed research but the experiences of people in life. In craving to look good, we lose things that matter. So, after reading a book there is conclusive wisdom that I guess every person can be fulfilled with.

The most important thing I found from the book was to take charge of things that you can control and stay away from what you cannot:

  • You can control to express your friendship, love but you can’t control what you get back in return
  • You can visit the bar, and spend money on people you even don’t know or know less but at the end of the day it’s less likely that those people value you in the long term
  • You can be sad running the big empire where you are struggling for the next billion or be happy taking a simple job and following simple married life

A final or conclusive thought is that why not face the reality rather than make it look perfect?

Express apologies, love, and friendship, when possible as you may not see that person again.  Working towards the goal which you can value yourself. Keep your circle small where you have people that matter to you. Maybe today you have the argument and the next day you can apologize to make up things. Life is a process and it’s not perfect and we are not perfect, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t stay happy by internalizing the things that matter!

Cheers to Manson for the book that matters, and you know the subtle art of not giving a f*ck 😉