Quick Understanding


The Lean Startup is all about the phases of building a product and its relation to process, people, and, outcome. Eric Ries has demonstrated his experience with his startup IMVU and how success was achieved following LEAN principles.

Eric Ries helps to better understand terms used in the LEAN process where he explains anyone creating something new is an Entrepreneur either he belongs to the founding team or an employee working in the area of product development in small/large corporations.

Overall the book guides stepwise processes to successfully start with the process and clarifies the term relating to new product creation.



Aspects in the book


The book is divided into three major sections: 

Part one covers the vision where we can get insights on how to create and refine products through experimentation.

Part two covers measurement by customer behavior. It highlights cohort and split tests to better understand what customers want or are excited about.

Part three covers the business scale by innovation and feedback.



Who should read this book?


Anyone who is operating a startup can opt for this book as a primary guide to validate the ideas and process. This can be a good book for Product Managers who are working in the area of new product development.



Personal Review


It took me around a month to complete this book as I was reading at a slow pace. Book is more of a technical handbook to know how to identify the best things we can do with our product. I found some key questions answered by this book

How to create a product?
How to know if the product is working?
How to scale the product?

The book relates to multiple examples like Apple, Facebook, Intuit, etc. to define a process and product creation. The book shows product creation either by a startup or a big company goes through a similar process. Big companies although have financial leverage it’s not enough to define the success of the product. The success of any product is determined by the customers. Sometimes simple features can be more impactful to customers than sophisticated or advanced features. It all depends on how quickly we can find and implement those features for our product.

Listing all the good things presented in the book is impossible to present here in this short article. I felt the book is worth reading.

This Book can also be used as a guide to help you get out of some problems that you might be facing in ongoing business or product development.