Quick Understanding
The prime motive of the writer feels to make us understand that, we unknowingly can drive to one of the dark human emotions called EGO. Most of the time we even don’t realize we are exhibiting it; sometimes silently and sometimes wide open. Ego can be the driving force for anger, lies, and betrayal. It’s very hard to see the hard side of the modern world where career success, big financial gain, and quick fame may be on your path but maintaining it can be a lot difficult if ego starts building up.



Aspects in the book


The book contains three sections which are Aspire, Success, and Failure where each section contains multiple topics. The author here relates to the ego built by some famous people in history and how it destroyed them or brought them down. Ego most of the time may not be fatal but when moving towards the top of the success can be.  Examples here are related to popular politicians, military personnel, sportsmen, businessmen, artists, etc.  The author seems to teach one key thing about the importance of humbleness and love, even with the enemy standing beside you.



Who should read this book?


The book is not about motivation rather behaviors. If someone is unhappy about life, struggling for success, struggling to maintain love or friendship, has gained success but finding it hard to maintain can read this book for some wisdom. A book is written in simple language and has meaningful content every reader can relate to.



How to identify ego?


When a person starts exhibiting self-importance, ego is likely on the way. Self-respect is very important but again self-importance can be devastating. So, when it starts building people around you, you aren’t going to like it.



Personal review


In beginning, I was assuming the book to be the next version of the motivational presentation. Later, after reading a few pages it immediately drew my attention. The author brought many aspects connecting to stories that provided deep resemblance to the ego and its versions of destructing person internally and externally. 

A person can stay away from ego simply by focusing on work and acceptance of humility. How can someone be humiliated and yet let that humble side to others? It’s a difficult task. Yes, this is the point where a person can win over ego. This is a key understanding from the book.

As ego can be built on both aggressive and passive versions person need to be aware of it’s starting to build. Ego is likely to create situations in life that are destructive. A massive business empire can come down, you may lose a lot of important people around you.

I am intrigued by the idea that one must always be ready to be a student. Books cover so many other important aspects which you need to read by yourself as the author has so much to share with this book.