Can we think wisely? Can we make better choices?

Interestingly Mindset by DR Carol S. Dweck has given a guide to all parents, leaders, and learners to think better by the adoption of a Growth Mindset.

The fixed mindset is a kind of thinking where the person thinks intelligence/skills are based on a person and it’s impossible to win without pre-possessing that skillset whereas the growth mindset is a kind of thinking where the person thinks all skills can be learned and with time and discipline it becomes better.

Quick takeaways from books are:

  • How Growth Mindset differs from a Fixed Mindset?
  • How to switch from a fixed mindset to a Growth Mindset?
  • How to think better using a Growth Mindset?

Aspects in the book

The book is divided into eight chapters. The first three chapters cover the understanding of mindsets, the next three chapters on their use case in areas like sports, business, and relationships, and the final two chapters are guides for individuals, parents, teachers, and coaches to adopt a growth mindset.

Who should read this book

This book can be great to understand why one group of people are willing to take risks, care less about judgments, and can display performance even in tough times.

If you strictly think that people are limited in skill and abilities, then reading this book is a must. This book opens understanding that helps you to learn new things or extend your capabilities using a growth mindset.


Personal Review

In my understanding, we come across both people with a growth mindset and a fixed mindset around us. It can be your teacher, manager, parents, or coach. A person with these mindsets can be identified by the approach that he takes towards communication, responsibilities, and work. Apart from this, it is also a highly relative environment person has grown in.

A fixed mindset limits the out-of-the-box thinking where people think that they can’t grow from some limit. The writer mentions that Fixed mindsets think that people are born with pre-acquired talent. So, during our reading of the book, we can find that this can lead to a person’s confidence which limits the person from learning more. Also, if a person with such a mindset comes to failure, then they find it extremely hard to cope with the situation.

A growth mindset always sees failure as part of learning and continuously put up with the discipline to make themselves better. Such people think that there is always room for improvement. These people can take the path of winning as a low-skilled person can also perform well by learning.


The writer presents many research cases to demonstrate the sides of fixed and growth mindsets. Book demonstrates various situations and how to keep growing in both wise and difficult times with a growth mindset. Intelligence comes from learning and trying to understand things better. Book tries to make us aware of how simple changes in thinking can lead to tangible success.


While reading this book I came to a strong conclusion that a person with a fixed mindset can find this book extremely helpful if he/she is struggling with achievements. On the other side, people already with a growth mindset can find this book natural. So, it’s the book that readers can put on their bucket list.