Introductory Concepts


Human Civilization has always been discovering and inventing. The things that per-existed and we came to know later are termed under discovery and the things that are the result of certain mathematical and scientific efforts come under the invention.

The intention of this article is to provide light on how things can change when a feasible and affordable mechanism for anti-gravity is invented.

Currently, to get above ground we make use of thrust. The primary concept of generating thrust comes from Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Airplane use thrust to create lift using forward motion, Rocket burning propellant helps it to move upward, Helicopter use spinning blades to create thrust and Maglev Transportation system use magnetic levitation to raise itself above ground for high-speed forward movement. Hot Air Balloons using gases also help us to lift above ground but it too comes with certain limitation. Unlike all, helicopters can hover in the air without moving.

Levitation is a form of anti-gravity but the cost is very high. Some inventions related to levitation are already in place and there are even people who are aiming to build levitation hover-board in the near future.

The most important invention would be hovering over any altitude against gravity without any moving mechanical parts or input of remarkable energy.



Will Anti-Gravity ever be invented?


We have so many inventions related to Machinery, Computers, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Any invention of remarkable importance needs some initial breakthrough. The advancement of electricity today is a breakthrough from Nikola Tesla. Today we use so many electric appliances based on the initial invention. An idea from a person can open space for other innovators to work to create other marvels out of it.

When we talk about the Anti-Gravity mechanism focus is on technology that can help create buildings, roads, transportation systems using the technique. Although we can’t predict the time when it is going to take place, we or the coming generation can be hopeful. We will find a certain way to make it happen and evolve around it anytime in the future.



What might lead to the invention of Anti-Gravity?


Yes, we can have it by accident or some serious mathematical equations. Currently, we have some level of understanding of Gravity and its correlation with magnetism. Although full equation to make levitation and anti-gravity possible maybe through the different equations and its implementation using different techniques available from today.

When I went through some research papers I found experiments of levitation carried using gases and magnets. Temperature seems to play an important role to gain levitation currently. Currently, it’s expensive and results are on experimentation level where an attempt had been to lift small objects.

Something that can make some impact may always come in an unexpected way. If we can understand Gravity more maybe we can understand Anti-Gravity which possibly can help levitate the Real-Estate of the future.


Challenges associated with Anti-Gravity.


Let’s assume anti-gravity is invented, the atmosphere and weather system still can be a huge challenge. Wind and Rain can be a tough situation. Will structure build around the Anti-Gravity technique remain stable. Answers to such questions can be extracted with the relevant outcomes from calculations and experimentation.



What changes we can expect in our daily life after invention?


Our lifestyle will hugely change after Anti-Gravity is in place. We won’t need digging ground anymore. A Skyscraper of large length can be a possibility. New real estate will be part of the business. Probably we will also have transportable real estate.

The interesting thing is will space in the air going to have a price tag on it? Let’s wait for time for levitation to be possible as it will open door to a lot of other innovations and add a great mark in human civilization.



Personal Note

The above article is based on basic assumptions and results of a basic understanding of materials available free on the internet and education received so far. I personally don’t work in a related area and some assumptions may not be relevant to the practitioners who are working in this field directly. Most parts are analysis done by me to understand and be thoughtful about the futuristic innovation that can happen in the future. So, please take information that resonates and is relatable to your understanding.