About the weird idea


Since human began civilization we started to progress on things to understanding depth of creation of life and mysteries of universe. We have conscious brain and lot of thinking goes inside it. This let us to gaze out above us if we could understand depth of anything of existence and non-existence. The most beautiful thing that people could see in the night sky from earth is moon. It has interesting cycle to hide and show itself. Later we understood that this was just caused due to moon revolving around our own planet earth. We raised consciousnesses with science and mathematics to understand what moon really is. From a mysterious object that presented itself in night to understanding of it as natural satellite that revolves around earth is long journey. Many generation of human did lot of intellectual work to led light unto this.


Now after understanding that moon is heavenly body like earth which has surface we all want to go there. Also understanding that we can take rockets to go there, isn’t is interesting to imagine that you own land in moon where you can travel build your own house.



Quick glance into history and near future


First Man mission into moon happened in 1969 and nothing remarkable progress have been made after it. There was rush between Soviet Union (USSR) and United States of America (USA) to make a history. USA was aggressively moving it’s all force to mark record in history against it’s prime rival. This seemed to be more of power play to be most valuable country in earth rather then strong motive to do something on moon. Later after collapse of Soviet Union political interest didn’t happened and moon mission didn’t got priority to set someone on moon immediately after. Although Unmanned mission to mars got greater priorities from other sources later.


Now moon has become part of interest again. Along with India and China and many countries including small nations like Israel have showcased strength in Rocket technology and interest in moon. Many countries now seem to be in moon race to extend humanity beyond earth. As, latest discovery of existence of ice in remote poles have been confirmed moon expedition has become source of excitement to all humankind. With this discovery it has trace possibility to extract water, oxygen and hydrogen to create living, surviving and fueling from moon itself. Now it’s not just about placing flag rather placing a first human settlement in moon so that real authority over it can be claimed.


There isn’t any strong law to govern territory outside earth so far. It’s obvious that any country/organization who showcase the capability to make human settlement in moon is going to have upper hand in claiming the moon. Now NASA and USA is actively working to refuel mission so that we can look brightly in future of human being space faring species. Also once we have full power to reach and build settlement there United Nations can create new Moon Laws which will open opportunities for all humankind.


Artemis mission from NASA is working to put first women and human in moon by 2024. This time it’s not only about setting step on moon rather building settlement there. There are lot of challenges to make it happen but if every sector keep strong willpower and efforts it can always be possible. Along with this there are various other countries and private companies missions that have planned ambitions drive to moon.



Challenges and Opportunities


If moon mission gets support and become a competitive ground to exploit resources available there it can escalate all innovation to reach and build settlement there. What if moon become ways to make profits? Exploiting resources in moon can create new space economy which involves Tourism, Real Estate, Mining and many more. If profits are going to be involved investment from various private sectors can be expected.


Still we have so many things set up there are huge challenges ahead. Lot’s of scientists and engineers are actively working to build systems to start exploiting resources in moon before being there. From Self repairing mining machines to construction machines for settlement, rocket are required before human think of building settlement in moon. This are critical as transporting things from earth is expensive.


Meanwhile laws to govern new settlement where each human can participate is very important. Gathering intellectuals and determining space law so that human can move beyond earth is challenge as this is the beginning and we need to avoid all mistake possible. Decision that are made today will carve future so it’s important that it’s done right.



Probable prediction into far future


If everything is successful, moon can be next home to humankind. It will not only be the home but center of other space missions. Either it’s about going to mars or beyond moon is going to provide lot of leverage due to low gravity surface.


Lot of travel are going to take place and even some us may purchase home in moon, spent vacation or live there. All social infrastructure might be build on moon for people living there. From transportation to entertainment everything might be expected in moon.


May be next generation of humans will have casual talk like:


Hey I am planning to spend my vacation in moon. I am really excited to see how would earth look from moon. Do you want me to bring anything for you ? :)