Message Before beginning the article.


My analysis in this article is mostly based on sayings from my grandfather. He is no longer in this world but his teachings are still with me. His teaching was different from what I learn in Academic Institutions.

Also, I personally have gone through various articles and books on Vedic Literature. Accumulating all  knowledge from people, books and analysis I have made my own consolidated analysis in this article. Please take the things that resonate to you.



My declarations before you begin:

- My intentions are not to hurt the sentiments of any religious values.
- It might be inaccurate on some points,  as Vedic messages are conflicting in so many areas.
- I have tried to analyze everything in scientific terms and take what can help us to build a great society.



Why is it hard to relate content from vedic literature to today’s world?

Vedic literature is about stories, philosophy, science and mathematics. Stories were created as Vedic Civilization started before we began to write. Vedic literature seems to specialize in life sciences. It seems to provide message for Spiritual Awakening (Spiritual to me means deeper understanding of life: Thought process, Body and Environment)

I think following key points explains why everything is in form of stories;
- Putting everything in the form of stories (full of thrill) probably made things easier to remember.
- Most of the content seems to be created in abstract form. E.g. In Ramayana, Ravan depiction of 10 heads seems to reflect a person expert in 10 fields rather than having 10 heads in real life.

I think following are the points that makes difficulty to comprehend Vedic knowledge in today's time
- These things were created when mathematics wasn't as advanced as today's time. (Mathematics was there but areas like Statistics, Calculus, Probability etc. seems to be missing.)
- Western civilization directly questions the background in context of advanced mathematics which doesn’t provide answers to many curiosities and criticism.



Content has deeper meaning than the upper stories.

If we go through Vedic Stories there are superpowers, super humans and all things that you can question with modern knowledge, understanding and possibility.

In Mahabharata, if you try to understand the behavior of characters they have unique personalities. You will find character/s that will match even your traits. If you can keep all flow with particular traits the way of living life and results of life have some pattern. It explains how society operates on power, attraction, crisis and judgements.

I think one simple understanding can be blissful, which is taking stories as life lessons.



How to extract meaning so it doesn’t become a mystery?


The important thing we can learn from stories is acceptance. If we don’t take the stories as something questionable but are able to see the wisdom it provides, probably Sanskrit and Vedic literature can add a lot of meaning in today’s world. It can teach following things:

- Meaning of life and death
- Actions to make life meaningful
- Ways to live life with value
- Creation of happy civilization



How Ancient people know so much?


From Numbers, Earth Rotation/Revolution, Size of Universe etc. were introduced in Vedic times. There is no proper indication of the mechanism of calculation but results are there. The reason we don’t have processes seems to be due to lack of resources. People seem to store most things in mind and share final conclusions to people.

Most things seem to be brought from deep analysis. People might have sat down and thought deeply in their mind and came to conclusions. They didn’t have a diary to note all things, but I guess all calculations went in their head and they told conclusions and only final output was recorded in available resources. Obviously, paper came very late and it was also a tough resource to create so paper had to be saved for only conclusions. Also some literature is found as stone carvings.



Strength in Sanskrit Literature

People (Sages) used to meditate for hours. They used to think a lot about the topic of their interest and drew very powerful conclusions.

Sanskrit Literature consists of both stories and content. Ramayana, Mahabharata are in the form of Stories and  and books on Vastu Shastra, Ayurved etc come in the form of direct content.

Looking at stories it’s hard to believe that people can possess such superpower and existence of such characters in god form is  agreeable. Some take Vedic literature as History of Bharat Barsa (The ancient civilization that took place across South East Asia) and others believe it of Religious Importance. Rather than debating and questioning religious values the teaching of these literature can be incorporated in today’s modern world also. It will help people to become more wise and fulfilled.

It's an individual choice to take things but what if we are taking things of super value as granted? Let’s not miss the opportunity to learn and unfold the learning that our Eastern Civilization has for us.