What flows in reverse? : The quest to know why things happen in a certain way and build actions to achieve more!

Where did this idea come from?
This is the concept that I wish to share about for a long time. The original concept came from an old man whom I do not know personally. Once while I was traveling by bus and this old person sitting beside me asked this question for the first time. Although I always tried to hide the extreme sense of realization and reality during my teenage years with people around, I use to open up when I always met such intellectual people randomly. It just takes a couple of replies to know if a person is knowledgeable in a certain field!

Do we live in the Reverse World?
What makes humans dominant is Humans can think beyond any species on the planet. We have a sense of time. We can remember the past and plan the future. We can count and analyze. It’s very important to think about consequences when we execute. When we do good deeds for a good person then something worthwhile flows in reverse. When we do good for a bad person, we may be taken advantage of. The same thing can result in two variations of results. It’s very important to understand what the reverse flow of action is to make ourselves happier, successful, and complete.

Reverse World is Real
Let’s say we want to enjoy a movie and it’s about the hardship of life in the Himalayas. Let’s say it has a romantic story associated with it. We can make a choice here. Either we can fantasize about romance or learn about the struggles of people in the Himalayas. It’s a choice you make to train your brain to release dopamine to make you happy. So, what flows reverse in your head is going to make a great deal ahead!

Success in Reverse World
The definition of rich can be different for different people. For some owning house and a car can be a symbol of richness, for some owning lot of money/shares, and for some having great cashflows, etc. Whatever the case may be, people can’t get rich just by thinking they want to get rich. Anything you do to make yourself rich in reverse will help to achieve that.

Let’s assume, we distribute 1 million to two random persons, one who prioritizes material needs and the next who prioritizes growth. Both are going to spend the money. When the first person (with material needs) spends the money, he is going to make himself or his close one happy by buying the things that can reflect success. On the other hand, the person who prioritizes growth can wait, invest, and manage money. He will spend on things that can build wealth in long run.

Let’s see what flows in reverse in both cases. First-person will look rich immediately whereas the second person will be rich in the long run.  What kind of impact your action takes, or reverses flow is very important for success.


NOTE: Although money/richness is taken as an example here for success, it should not be the only parameter to measure success!

Conclusive analysis of reverse flow
The Reverse flow is not a principle, it’s just a term used here to analyze the consequence of each action taken. Any action taken with its consequences can make a great deal.

How real are you? Are you reflecting on your known skills? Are you speaking the truth? Are you aware of the consequences of the job you take? What kind of friendship can that person offer? Are you being real with the next person? Are you taking decision thinking in long run? etc.

When you ask yourself a such question and you can get an answer for yourself. The consequence is going to be the reverse flow of your action.

So why not make better choices by questioning ourselves and getting answers to its reverse flow😉