Moon spends every two to two and a half days in each zodiac sign. So, if you have your moon in Cancer then you might consider yourself as a very emotional yet smart individual. Your emotions will have cancer qualities which can differ with respect to your sun sign. 


Moon signs are basically the emotions of a person. By knowing about one's moon sign, we can assume the general emotions that the individual can experience while they are angry or moody. The moon sets the emotional tone for Cancer. They can be very sensitive and moody in this position. If it is aspected by other planets (We will have detailed information about aspects in upcoming blogs.) then the traits can differ. That's why two people with the same moon sign can have different traits.


People having moon sign in Cancer possess few major qualities listed below:


1. Empathetic

2. Sweet

3. Intuitive

4. Protective

5. Nurturing

6. Compassionate

7. Sensitive

8. Guarded

9. Warm-Hearted

10. Sympathetic

11. Loyal


Description: A moon sign shows the mental state of a person. When it is especially in Cancer, which is an emotional water sign, they become extremely sensitive towards their emotions. Someone's moon sign also relates to the kind of mothering someone got during their upbringing. Those with a cancer moon might have got a housewife mom who emotionally nourished their children. These people might come off as quite reserved in the beginning as they might seem to have fewer people in their circle and will only be openly talking to someone they feel emotionally comfortable with. They have a giving nature as their mental stimulation comes from volunteering and providing for others.


When a cancer moon is happy - They become nurturing, caring, and affectionate.

When a cancer moon is sad - They will be irritated and grumpy. 


Since the moon is the mind, these people are emotionally intelligent. They reciprocate to how they feel and move forward in their life purely based on their emotions. They are always clear about their emotional needs. They openly show their emotions. They love to take care, help others, and be liked by everyone. 


In romantic relationships - Loyalty is a very crucial thing for cancer. Since they have a great memory, they will remember every detail of their partner. They will use their intuition to understand the needs of their partner. They will even impress their partner artistically. But sometimes, their trust issues come into play and create misunderstandings in a relationship. They are mostly compatible with Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, and other cancers.


Cancers have a pure heart. They can nurture other people's emotions like a mother. Though they are kind, some people can take advantage of them. They can sense other people's emotions so it's important for them to channelize their surrounding energies and analysing their own. They love to be at their home and feel secured as well as stable. They tend to hold onto their memory for a long time. So, giving off their healing energy to the right people is the major karmic lesson cancer has to learn. 


Cancers need to learn to heal themselves as well. They need to learn meditation. As they give good energy to others, they can be prone to other people's negative energy and will be drained. Cleansing oneself is very important. As the opposites attract, they mostly get attracted to someone who is emotionally unavailable though they themselves love to share their emotional energy. 


Cancer moon with a fire sun - They will be full of energy and will be quite confident. When they get emotional, they will back off/reserve their emotions and this situation can get quite chaotic as well. 


Cancer moon with an earth sun - They will be loyal and will need constant reassurance. They will be critical and intense when they become sad. 


Cancer moon with an air sun - They will have immense mood swings. But they will be very intelligent and sweet. These people will value communication a lot. So being open and talking things out is the only way to resolve an issue at hand. 


Cancer moon with a water sun - Their mood will completely be based on their feelings. So, they will need extra time from others in order to feel loved and cared for. 


So, if you have a Cancer moon, understanding the above information will help you all to acknowledge and be the best version of yourself by focusing on your positive traits and eradicating negative traits while you are operating emotionally.