This is an article based on my personal experience. I work and learn multiple things at a time. Modern days living where we have to balance work and life can become stressful at times. Seeing the clock ticking and wishing to learn and do more can cause a lot of anxieties. Can we balance this out? This article will help you if you want to push yourself to do a lot of things. Maybe you want to work and perform well in your job, read books, learn new things, manage all households, take care of yourself and even pursue hobbies, travel, and socialize.


How to manage Time?

For me, time management is not about doing something at some time. For e.g. getting up at 6:00, hitting the gym at 6:30, and so on. I would see time more like planning and getting mental peace. If you can have good control of your diet then hitting the gym might not be necessary. I would save time to manage time rather than spend time to manage time. I would put more time for relaxation so whenever I do anything, I can put full focus and complete everything in a short span of time.


Let’s say if I have to do a difficult assignment I would rather sit, relax and think about quick ways to complete my assignment? Can I take help? Can it have other ways to solve it quickly? And so on. Starting immediately in stress can cause mistakes and I might end up spending more time for work than it actually requires.


I have listed some points below to manage time as time management for me is about how quickly we can complete things!


Needs Identification

What do you want to do with your life? If you have normal goals you can relax and make a daily routine that covers all your life goals. On the other side, if you are an ambitious person then time management is vital. You need to build a mindset where you are always happy and continuously able to focus on work. 


Take your work seriously (without being on stress)

Take your life super easy (without being irresponsible)


Sequential Learning

I spend most of my time learning. Learning whatever I can. Do I remember everything? No! But I try to remember key concepts and build relational aspects which I can connect to new things. Let’s say I read an article about User Interface and Design last week and this week I am learning Cascading Style Sheets. I will have more power to understand deeper design concept and implement it wisely. This will save time as I have covered the prerequisites required for new learning. If you have less time to learn prerequisites then you can follow cheat sheets or summary available so it helps in new learning. 


Avoid Distraction

We tend to enjoy things that in a way are killing time. Social media, Television can take a lot of time. It is very important to watch things that don’t keep your thoughts occupied uselessly. If a drama you just see in movies/series is stuck in your thoughts for days, it is going to consume a lot of time unrealized. Your time might be used by the thoughts that want to uncover the suspense that is going to come for the next episode!


Positive Thinking

We all go through so many troubles in life. Taking things positively can help you focus a lot. Rather than occupying a thought where you have blames towards everything it’s very important to see the minimum happy thing that you can do at the moment. You can take a break when you are going through something difficult in life. With positive thinking, you can focus on your work.


Resolving Issues

Let’s say you had some argument with your friend, parents and it’s keeping you disturbed. You can ask for time with that person to resolve the issue. You can take the initiative. Sometimes the other person may not be willing to resolve the issue. It’s okay to leave the things once efforts are made and focus next on what’s necessary. Regretting or feeling bad can take a lot of your precious time.


Take Breaks

Let’s say you have gone through something exhausting. It can be long working hours. It might be struggling to learn something new. It can be an ongoing conflict with relationships. You can meanwhile analyze things on how can things or situations be improved so that you can improve yourself. 


Enjoy what you do

If you enjoy what you do then you are having fun all the time. Never forget that the movies or series that you follow are the jobs for someone who might be struggling with something that you will never understand.


Remember great food served in some restaurants is a job for someone. You will always enjoy food more if the cook and waiter serve you happily. If you are not happy where you are working apply for new places, find things quickly in life so that you can enjoy them. Always work on something that is valued highly by society and respect all kinds of work.



So, for me, time management is about the management of my own life by managing what runs in my thought process so that I can focus on what matters to me to achieve more each day.