I have divided this article into four sections for all kinds of readers. As this is a long article (I usually write short articles) If you want to dive directly into the main content, please follow section three.

Section One contains my experience with the most intelligent person I have met so far

Section Two contains Introduction to Intelligence and its correlation with famous people

Section Three contains points that you can follow to make yourself more intelligent

Section Four contains my conclusion about intelligence


Section One: Short flashback first

It starts when I was a child (Probably when I was around four/five years of age). A great teacher taught me the power of observation. He is my grandfather who is no longer in this world. He never went to school! He used to do morning and evening prayers from Sanskrit Books. Once my foot mistakenly touched one of the books he was reading. He asked me to never repeat it and asked me to bow to the book. It almost didn’t give me sense at that point but later I realized what he meant. The points below will be directly from my grandfather’s books which he read in front of me. Yes, I still remember as he always explained conclusions even though I didn’t understand during my childhood. Everything gave sense later and I thought it is worth sharing with the world now!

In the hills of the village, where I was born, during my childhood, I used to spend long hours with my grandfather. Evening times were awesome when my grandfather used to explain things about the sky. He used to show me stars, and constellations and explain things. I was taught about stars, the zodiac, influence of the position of the moon and sun.  I used to ask stupid questions which he answered gracefully!

I used to sit 2 meters away whenever he was working, and I had to follow those guidelines strictly otherwise I would immediately get scolded (He taught me discipline). My responsibility was to see although he never told me to do so, I had nothing else to do except observe him. He did everything differently, some of which I am going to list below:

1. Before milking a cow, he used to take consent to milk! Interesting right! He used to put yellow hay which the cow loved to eat and pet for a while, and just sit there doing other work like cleaning until the cow moved his head and looked towards him. He then took a bucket and start to milk. The cow didn’t move an inch till milking was over. (This cow allowed itself to be milked by my grandfather or mother only else it would move and make things difficult, sometimes kicking the person also)

2. He used to create fences using stones and wood. He made a great selection of stones that let to perfect structure. In the whole village, I never saw someone who used to create such fences which were strong and looked nice. I observed engineering here!

3. It was important to climb trees and cut branches to feed cattle. My grandfather used to leave two branches always. He was only the person in the whole village who used to do such activity. I don’t know if he did it with some empathy or science, but new branching used to occur quickly.

There are so many other things he did that I find amusing and intelligent to date. Maybe someday if I got to write a book about him it would be worthwhile sharing!

He used to read lots of books. He told me about Ramayana and Mahabharata and stories of all lords from Vedic culture. I have written a couple of articles based on his teaching which you can follow by clicking the following links:




Section Two: Introduction

Someone asked why is that I am not happy/rich and other people are? A wise man replied: It’s just that they think and act differently than you; first learn how they think and do what needs to be done!

The above rule also applies to intelligence!

When people talk about the mindset it feels like a joke which is the true key to intelligence. Life is hard as building skills takes a lot of time and effort, money doesn’t come easy, love doesn’t happen like in movies, and we have few years to live and so much to achieve! In the modern world where social media content and movies seem so real that we forget those are inspired by exceptional stories which are presented as most appealing for some financial/social gain. The ability to separate between real and fake will instantly make a person able to focus on important things and build the right mindset.

Let’s look at some important people from world history:

Nikola Tesla whole life struggled with finances after being a great inventor of all time. Although he gave the world most wonders of invention, he lived his life struggling with finances. I too have reviewed life which you can follow below:

Albert Einstein is a great example who was an average student who gave theories beyond understanding and imagination. His equation gave the power to harness atomic power which either can destroy a whole civilization in seconds or push civilization to the next stage.

John D. Rockefeller is considered the wealthiest Businessman of all time. Having a difficult childhood and understanding to make great deals and use things to the advantage brought enormous financial success for the business magnate.

Mahatma Gandhi is the most influential non-violent activist of all time. He led the whole nation and overthrew colonial rule without the use of arms. The exceptional presentation of philosophy and making it happen is exceptional.

The intelligence of these people is different Tesla had the intelligence to create, Einstein had the intelligence to solve, Rockefeller had the intelligence to make the deal, and Mahatma Gandhi had the intelligence to fight.

Now if we consider intelligence as the tool to create something inspirational to drive some purpose, we won’t be wrong!

Intelligence is different from knowledge, and it more often comes from observation, deep thinking, and very little from advice, reading, and experience.

Intelligence will make you happy as it will release dopamine when you are not even doing something as deep down you know you are craving for something more special than yourself. The funny thing about intelligence is it can be measured but the next people who are intelligent will know you are also intelligent, and it goes the same for another person with you. So, you are the tool to measure it. It can’t be measured in numbers but in the power of words, the output of action taken, and the implementation of behaviours.

(Words from my grandfather: Is it making sense? Great! You are probably intelligent)


Section Three: Main Content or Rules for Intelligence (From the wisdom of my grandfather)

I will focus more on emotional intelligence. So, let’s begin with the points below:


1) Empathy: Know to help and use but not abuse

From Sanskrit Books/Vedic Philosophy, we have always known about Karma! Karma is the action and Empathy is the driving force of Karma. We need to have compassion towards everything possible. Acceptance is the most beautiful thing we can wear. Every person goes through difficulties, if somewhat we can accept them then we can think about a solution and how to achieve them without harming anyone but harnessing the maximum potential then it is emotional intelligence. A wise man knows how to help, a good man knows how to use, and abuse is a tool for bad karma.


2) Testing: Test waters before you dive

Everything you spend time on is going to take a lot of your time and energy! If you start any work or learn new skills, you need to calculate how much energy and time will it take, and can you invest in it? If you can’t calculate or give enough time, it’s better not to start. You can sample a small-time frame so that you can decide.

The above rule will not only be valid to work but will be valid for making Friends, Relationships, and building a team.


3) Perseverance & Integrity: Act Stupid but think Smart and be Wise

When you look stupid, it’s easy to let people help or judge you (whatever they feel good about). Also, it will filter people who are going to stay with you in long run. If someone thinks you are stupid, your energy might be wasted to prove yourself which ultimately can divert you from the main purpose. Next, present a Smart idea and see if people can work together with you. You might need to work alone also if no one is in your support. Persevere to purpose and never forget the rule when you add someone or something to your vision/purpose/project.

(Most people try to act wise, think smart, and be stupid: identify them as quickly as possible)


4) Communication: Listen well, talk in clear language, and confront before it’s too late

One of the powerful tools is to communicate well. It’s going to involve both listening and talking back. Communication can be difficult with people who are not on the same level of intelligence but speaking well can help to solve many problems. If any person runs away from communication, it can be a sign of insecurity, uninterest, or disappointment. It’s kind of getting soft consent so that you can decide if you want to move forward with that person.

Communication should be a tool to express, and action/behaviours should be the tool to impress.


5) Evaluate: Observe words or actions else behaviour

It’s hard to know people, right? People tell look in eyes. It’s hard to do that in the age of social media. People who complete their words are the strongest person you can ever find. Sometimes people tell words but are not able to fulfil them due to hard circumstances in life so observe their actions. If actions are not in place person can be in some difficulties fulfilling due to not having enough resources. The final and most powerful thing is to observe the behaviours of a person. If someone is willing to make something happen little instances of things will be reflected in their behaviour.


Section Four: Conclusion

Intelligence can come from observation and deep thinking! Intelligence is about having the right mindset to achieve some valid purpose. Intelligence will avoid making wishful thinking!

I have focused more on emotional intelligence in the whole article as most of us struggle with it. Life is hard and knowing how to balance your emotions can help you move forward fast and achieve things faster.

Intelligence is not a single factor to be measured with. Intelligence will help you create a happy and easier life. So, who is the most intelligent person you know?

Most important saying from my grandfather:
Never run away from problems, be there and solve them in the best way you can!


Final Note

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