Once upon a time, a Disciple asked his Master: "How to master any skill?"

Master then took disciple to a river crossing with the most skilled Boatman in the region. Both then sat on a boat.


Master: Are you able to control the boat in any situation?

Boatman: Yes, I do.

Disciple: What makes you so skilled that you can handle boats in all situations?

Boatman: I don't know how to boat in all situations, I know how to swim underwater in all situations. That helps me to control the boat in all situations.

Disciple: Master, how does this make the Boatman most skilled?

Master: Look, If anyone starts learning boating with all fears of water person will always fail when the situation of water is not favorable. If person masters skills of swimming, boating is just a simple act.

He understood and smiled. :)

MORAL: Mastery in any field can be gained when we understand what to learn.