This will be very simple article to install Node.js Express Famework using experss generator. This will be very short walkthrough which will be basis to set your project quickly to start web project.

Techincally, Node.js is an open source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for executing JavaScript code serverside. It is very simple to begin and work with Node.js express-generator as it provide quick way to generate things necessary.


Download Node.js

You can visit official site of Node.js and download installer for windows. You can use apt-get or dnf on Ubuntu and Fedora to install Node.


Installing Express Generator

Run following command to install express generator for node using npm. npm is package manager for javascript libraries. For installation guide you can visit npm or again use apt-get or dnf for npm installation.


$ sudo npm install express-generator -g


Create Express Project

Following command help to generate complete project of Node.js with express


$ express 


Don't forget to install packages!

Following command will install express framework with other required dependencies. You can scan dependencies by viewing package.json file after running above step successfully.


$ npm install


Yes, we are ready

We have successfully set our web project to view run below code and visit http://localhost:3000


$ npm start


You should see page display in your browser if you have been successful to complete all tasks successfully.