Moon spends every two to two and a half days in each zodiac sign. So, if you have your moon in Taurus then you might consider yourself a submissive yet smart individual. Your emotions will have Taurus qualities which can differ with respect to your sun sign. 


Moon signs are basically the emotions of a person. This is the part of an individual that seems hidden and not seen right away. If it's especially in Taurus then it is considered to be exalted in this position. Hence, it is dynamic. If it is aspected by other planets (We will have detailed information about aspects in upcoming blogs.) then the traits can differ. That's why two people with the same moon sign can have different traits.


People having moon sign in Taurus possess few major qualities listed below:


1. Cautious

2. Problem Solver

3. Artistic

4. Focused

5. Unbothered

6. Planner

7. Peaceful

8. Have a high concentration

9. Sophisticated

10. Unyielding

11. Indulgent


Description: A moon sign shows the mental state of a person. When it is especially in Taurus, which is an emotional earth sign, they become extremely practical while dealing with their emotions. Someone's moon sign also relates to the kind of mothering someone got during their upbringing. Those with a Taurus moon might have got a housewife mom who took care of both sides of the family. These people are able to give their best when they are absolutely clear about their needs. The individual works hard to gain financial security. They are quite balanced in part of their emotions. It's all about how a Taurus feels when they are actively engaged in something. They value their qualities and subtly gain possessions through it. 


When a Taurus moon is happy -

They become bubbly and take care of stuff. They become supportive, grounded, and consistent.

When a Taurus moon is sad - 

The upset moon in Taurus will be extra quiet. They won't have their strength at all. They will be sad and will even cry. They will even stop taking care of themselves. They don't shut up until they let go of their negativity. 


Since the moon is the mind, they respect those people who value them and can keep all their secrets. In a way, they seek mysterious people. But they can be procrastinators and put things off in exchange for a nap. Since they are patient too, they can slowly find their way out to success. They even have good skills in organizing things. For example: if they get an opportunity to organize an event then they will give their best and the event becomes very organized.


In romantic relationships - They are devoted to individuals who can keep their secrets and who hold valuable assets. They are attracted to intense and magnetic people. They will support their partners and be their best backup in every situation. Their affections are strong and deep. They are mostly compatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Libras.

They are reliable. They are connected to the physical world and can feel all worldly pleasures. They are quite loyal people. They don't like conflicts and it can take a long time before a Taurus gets angry for real.

They have this calming aura. However, they are not the most adaptable people as they like to follow their own routine.


Taurus moon with a fire sun - They will have more physical energy. They will focus on having good times in life.


Taurus moon with an earth sun - They will be extremely practical and will seek financial security.


Taurus moon with an air sun - They will want to discuss the issues. They will make sure that their opinions are heard at any cost.


Taurus moon with a water sun - They will need verbal affirmations to feel better and satisfied.


So, if you have a Taurus moon, understanding the above information will help you all to acknowledge and be the best version of yourself by focusing on your positive traits and eradicating negative traits while you are operating emotionally.