Moon spends every two to two and a half days in each zodiac sign. So, if you have your moon in Leo then you might consider yourself an insane person who deals with momentarily conflicts within. Your emotions will have Leo qualities which can differ with respect to your sun sign.


Moon signs are basically the emotions of a person. This is an indication of how a person feels about certain things. When one gets angry or emotional, their moon sign comes into play. If it's especially in Leo then loyalty can be a vital part of their life. If it is aspected by other planets (We will have detailed information about aspects in upcoming blogs.) then the traits can differ. That's why two people with the same moon sign can have different traits.


People having moon sign in Leo possess few major qualities listed below:


1. Dramatic

2. High Spirited

3. Charming

4. Pleasant

5. Creative

6. Confident

7. Fun Loving

8. Vibrant

9. Vain

10. Self Centered

11. Goal Oriented


Description: A moon sign is very important as it is how one expresses themselves during emotional states. When it is especially in Leo, loyalty and commitment become very important for the individual. Someone's moon sign also relates to the kind of mothering someone got during their upbringing. Those with a Leo moon were raised to be self-dependent. They are quite eccentric in part of their emotions.


When their needs are being met -

They will be happy and will do their best to portray the best version of themselves through balanced emotions. 


When their needs are not being met -

They will become dramatic. 


Since the moon is the mind, they have quite an aggressive approach to life. They react to emotions quickly. They are these fantastic people who go after what they want. Since they have a giving and helping nature towards other people, they want to receive the same amount of energy that they give to other people. Since they even love to give advice to other people, they sometimes do it even without the other person asking for it. This can cause the other person to be frustrated and annoyed with a Leo moon. They are quite turned off by the people who tend to be overly critical and will leave such people right away and move on with their ongoing life. 


In romantic relationships, they hate being the second option in a relationship. They tend to focus their energy on the ones they love. They are very romantic and can be creative in showing their love in various ways. That can include beautiful gifts, letters, dates, etc. They tend to be physical. They always need to feel that they are an important part of their partner's life in any form. 


They have this cool and energetic vibrance. They mostly express themselves from their hearts. They work hard to get what they want. Leo moon's emotions are magnified. They can be quite dramatic. They lead things with their heart and express things very clearly to other people. They have this warmth and people naturally want to be around them all the time. If someone doesn't support and pay attention to a Leo moon's emotions then they can even hold a grudge against such people. 


In the sign of Leo, whenever the moon is down, their mind rises up. This means that they will go and try to do things to feel better about themselves. They even want to get attention through their work. They try to seek attention through their works which associate with the welfare of the common people. If someone appreciates their work, they will adore and have a deep respect for that person. They will even impress that same person more next time by working very hard.


Leo moon with a fire sun - They will be extremely fiery. They will be clear about what they want and will go after it. They will require support and passion through their journey. 


Leo moon with an earth sun - They will be quite confident, practical, and will have their life together. They won't be so rigid like other earth sun signs. 


Leo moon with an air sun - They will be quite balanced. As a normal air sign is indecisive, they will be comfortable having a Leo moon dictate and balance consistency in life. 


Leo moon with a water sun - They will work for themselves as they can align with how they feel and will go after the things they truly feel happy and fulfilled about.


So, if you have Leo moon, understanding the above information will help you all to acknowledge and be the best version of yourself by focusing on your positive traits and eradicating negative traits while you are operating emotionally.