Moon spends every two to two and a half days in each zodiac sign. So, if you have your moon in Gemini then you might consider yourself an insane person who deals with momentarily conflicts within. Your emotions will have Gemini qualities which can differ with respect to your sun sign.


Moon signs are basically the emotions of a person. This is an indication of how a person feels about certain things. When one gets angry or emotional, their moon sign comes into play. If it's especially in Gemini then communication can be a vital part of their life. If it is aspected by other planets (We will have detailed information about aspects in upcoming blogs.) then the traits can differ. That's why two people with the same moon sign can have different traits.


People having moon sign in Gemini possess few major qualities listed below:

1. Amusing

2. Intelligent

3. Adaptable

4. Dramatic

5. Superficial

6. Communicative 

7. Inconsistent

8. Pleasing

9. Witty

10. Quick

11. Lively


Description: A moon sign shows how someone is wired emotionally. When it is especially in Gemini, intellectual, emotional, and mental growth becomes very important for the individual. Someone's moon sign also relates to the kind of mothering someone got during their upbringing. Those with a Gemini moon were raised in a business type background. Their mother was very communicative and had a great influence on the individual's life. They are quite eccentric in part of their emotions. It's all about how Gemini feels when they are actively engaged in something. 


When their needs are being met -

They become happy. They will communicate enthusiastically and generate new creative ideas. 

When their needs are not being met -

They will not look back and find something new to fulfill their requirements. 


Since the moon is the mind, they have quite a youthful approach towards life. The present moment is very important for such people. Moon in Gemini even makes a person quite curious. They are good with numbers. But no one should put any expectations on them and especially judge them on the basis of their past. Because they move on pretty fast before one could even imagine. 


In romantic relationships, they need a partner who is more intelligent than them. One who can teach them all the philosophical things in life-related to wisdom, knowledge, and so on. Having a partner that can calmly come to a conclusive solution is the best match for them as they can be quite all over the place and can lack the confidence to find a proper ground. In a nutshell, they need a companion who is more mature than them and can guide them on a proper path in life. 


They love to enjoy their life in the best way possible. That's why they can be very good managers in the field of marketing. Since they are connected to youth, they love to be childlike and artistic. They can easily take a job that requires them to do new creative things every day since they get bored too quickly. They need to go to work as they want to be mentally active. The chaos of tons of work at once helps them to balance out their boredom. 


They can make the best business person because they are able to quickly understand the aspects of one business and continuously lead on to improvise the business. Since, they can handle different things rationally and hence, handle business amazingly. 


Gemini moon with a fire sun - They will be outspoken. They will be quite ambitious as well and will be very sarcastic. They will move on pretty fast in difficult situations. They will jump to various fields at once. 


Gemini moon with an earth sun - They will be a bit more conflicted than a regular Earth sign. They become back and forth regarding their feelings. They might even draw wrong conclusions in certain situations and react accordingly. 


Gemini moon with an air sun - They become extremely smart individuals but can be scattered all over the place. They will be involved in different types of projects. They will be excited about various things going on at once. They lack consistency in certain things. 


Gemini moon with a water sun - They have to deal with a lot of occasional mood swings. They will be very emotional as well. But one thing very praiseworthy about such people is that they will be happy even in highs and lows if they feel that they are loved and cared deeply. 


So, if you have Gemini moon, understanding the above information will help you all to acknowledge and be the best version of yourself by focusing on your positive traits and eradicating negative traits while you are operating emotionally.