Rashi (Moon Sign) in Aries


Moon spends every two to two and a half days in each zodiac sign. So, if you have your moon in Aries then you might consider yourself as a fiery ball. Instead of normally showing aries traits, your emotions will have aries qualities which might be affected by your sun sign. 


We are quite aware about the fact that the moon sign is the way to know what's going on in someone's mind. If it's especially in Aries and is aspected by other planets (We will have detailed information about aspects in upcoming blogs.) then the nature of Aries will be shifted to the way how the mind operates. 


People having moon sign in Aries possess few major qualities listed below:


  1.  Energetic

  2.  Optimistic

  3.  Open to change

  4.  Idealistic

  5.  Impulsive

  6.  Impatient 

  7.  Opinionated

  8.  Overbearing

  9.  Arrogant

  10.  Passionate

  11.  Generous


Description: A moon sign shows how someone is wired emotionally. When it is especially in Aries, they will burst out in hard times. Someone's moon sign also relates to the kind of mothering someone got during their upbringing. Those with an aries moon are raised to be emotionally independent. The individual becomes passionate. They are quite expressive in part of their emotions. It's all about how aries feel when they are actively engaged in something. 

When their needs are being met - They become generous and give their all time, attention and concern being selfless. 

When their needs are not being met - They will create drama either in the direction of a temper tantrum or playing the victim. 


Since the moon is the mind, they have quite an aggressive approach to life. They react to emotions quickly. They make quick rational decisions. They have a very bossy personality. Their mind is mostly thinking about taking actions and is interested in physical activities. They are very competitive and always want to win. They seem to have mental stress regarding various things in life if people are not on the same page as them.


In romantic relationships, they are devoted towards subtle individuals who are romantic. They are the leader and stay individualistic in nature. They have alpha energy inside them. They are go getters reciprocating tons of energy. 


Though they are quite good at starting things, they get bored easily and leave the things in the middle since the energy runs low. Hence, they are always onto new things without finishing previous ones. When they focus on one thing and try to finish it till the end, then it is obvious that they are going to succeed in that thing. 


They have a super hero tendency. That means they are always ready to help people in need without thinking about its consequences. They can't stand being micromanaged or told what to do unless they really need instructions. They even love to argue when things don't go their way. 


Aries moon with a fire sun - They will be their own boss. They won't listen to anybody. 


Aries moon with an earth sun - They will have certain rules which they don't change. 


Aries moon with an air sun - They can get bored easily. They are willing to open up and show their emotional side. 


Aries moon with a water sun - It can be chaotic when they get emotional. 


So, if you have Aries moon, understanding the above information will help you all to acknowledge and be the best version of yourself by focusing on your positive traits and eradicating negative traits while you are operating emotionally.