Everyone must be wondering why I came up with such an article! Both Job and Business are necessary to operate the society. Businessmen create jobs where job-seeking people can join to earn living for their families. I had grown up in a family where I could see both job and business. My father was doing a job till I was age 13. Later he started his own business. One interesting feeling is that I felt my father was cash-rich when he was on the job. Once he started business every penny started to matter. The initial days of starting a business were super tough and later things came to fall in place. Business families are generally concerned to grow, so they hardly keep free cash.



A person with a job will work for money whereas businessmen work for the idea of gain

People with a job mindset will think that they are working for money. A person will be guided by the idea that work is relative to money. The income source is fixed so the person will always tend to evaluate work relative to money. If someone is capable to earn more he will ask for increment or switch jobs. Others tend to stick to their jobs at any cost.


A person with a business mindset will work for the idea of gain. The person will put money into good employees, resources, and infrastructure (it can be the product, market, inventory, equipment, etc.). The business person generally wants to feel that he/she is growing at all times.



A person with a job is cash-rich whereas a person with a business is resources rich

When we look at a business person we see the status and huge expenditures they make. This is movie stereotyping. In reality business, people tend to invest in things that either build a company, personal strength, save taxes, and have a high return. Free cash or bank deposit (even fixed deposit) can’t cover inflation so intelligent business people avoid such scenarios. When needed business people can extract money from revenue and use it in areas necessary. In general scenarios, it will be invested to do more business. They will diversify investment in multiple sectors. Due to this business people are likely to be resourceful.


Hope I don’t need to explain why people in the job are cash-rich. We almost all know how cash is utilized in job families.



A person with a job take care of their job whereas in business it’s multiple things

When a person is hired, the intent is clear. A person is expected to do certain work that is designated.


The primary things business person take care of is management, finances, market, product, law, etc. A business person has to be available at all times as there will be random needs which even sometimes may be critical.



Businessperson are likely to take loans for high-risk investments whereas job people put earned money in safe investments

A business person is fond of the idea of gain which subjects them to take a high risk with money. They will invest in areas where they have control or growth. For this, they will take business loans.


Job families mostly deposit money in Bank, Fixed Deposits, or Secure Investments. Some people purchase shares of public companies but it will only provide good gain when you are an intelligent trader.



Value of work is high in business mindset families whereas the value of money is high in job mindset families.

If you have grown in job families you will be taught about the importance of the job. As money is directly associated with the job, with a job making self-secure and planning marriage and family are highly important. Everything is expected to be done at right time.


When you are in a business family and go for a job, you tend to take jobs that are at least higher than your pocket money. This is where you require strong skillets and thrive to build for them. At the end with a business family and its surroundings, you are expected to start something of your own to prove you are one of them.



Businessperson work harder then Job-person

Generally, a job person thinks the life of business owners is easy. In the initial days of operating a business, every person should go through that hardship where the person ends up working super hard. Later things improve but still, managerial stress is always high. In a job, you are per-determined to do tasks assigned.



Business families are socially more competitive but will generally appreciate others success

People in business are likely to showcase their status in social gatherings. There is a kind of competition among business families to grow better. The big business family always stands out in the crowd of social gatherings. It’s what most businessmen crave. As one business family will depend on other business families, there will always be some respectful gestures maintained. Sometimes gatherings can be highly professional.


A business person doesn’t live life like showcased in movies. Small groups of people may have that privilege, but generally, doing business is hard as a person needs to take care of so many things. Job is a wonderful way to secure things like marriage, housing, family expenses, needs, and studies for children.

All business people aren’t rich and all job holders aren't poor. Sometimes a job can be far more rewarding than pursuing a business. It's the choice of the individual and we should respect choices about how each individual wants to live a life.