According to the survey, it is found that there is a three times increase in the number of people dealing with depression and anxiety problems during lockdown. This covid-19 has majorly impacted the psychological well being of the people.


After lockdown, young people confined in the four walls of their houses  are found having trouble with their mental health. Mostly these groups of people are suffering from issues related to jobs, money, health and finances. Current Scenario has brought a feeling of hopelessness in many people. Due to this, people are not able to think straight, they have zero energy and are having trouble getting through the day. Certainly, normal life will take some time to return back. So, one must learn to live under at the moment. 


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This is a very uncertain time. Though some places have opened, things are not normalized as before. Many people have lost jobs, are struggling financially and are about the picking up of the current disturbed economy. Some have lost their loved ones during this time and some have lost their own lives. Some are feeling frustrated by social distancing. This virus has been affecting the moods of many people. 


We know that us humans need to interact a lot. So, one can feel lonely when they have to face their problems alone. Strong support is absolutely needed for mental wellbeing. On an added note cut off from family and friends can increase the depression and make the symptoms worse. Living alone for months can damage the overall moods of people. When people start to worry about all their problems, it triggers anxiety. Since both anxiety and depression are interconnected, having one can result in having both.


Many people are getting to see various changes in their lives. Some have lost their closed ones, some are jobless, some are diagnosed with serious illness and some are having various issues related to life. Tons of stress are making people prone to depression. Since students are also following online classes which is not effective, it is hampering their health as well. Some are drinking too much, some are overreacting and some are not eating properly.


So the strategies that I'm going to discuss below can help to face loneliness and can ease negative thoughts. This can even help to improve the mood and cope up with probable symptoms of depression.


Try to do things that release your stress

This painful time is hard and many people are trying to find ways to be cheerful. But depression can make things worse. When someone is depressed, they see everything negatively and become hopeless about everything. But understanding that, doing one's work continuously will change the focus to their work and can make the individual feel more optimistic. 

Distracting oneself from such negative thoughts is very important. For that one must maintain their diets properly, do work they enjoy, learn new skills and so on. Someone can do the things they always wanted to do. For example: One can learn a new instrument. One must not stop working for their goals. Though one can’t force their brain to be happy all the time, they certainly can try to do things to shift their mood. They can try listening to songs and dance for a while. Spending time in nature can do wonders as well. 


Maintain proper Food and Health Routine

Maintaining a proper routine is very important. Sleeping without a proper schedule, skipping meals and not caring about personal health is very harmful. Establishing a proper routine and meditation is very important. So, one must set a proper time for various personal care routines and work accordingly.


Connect with people who care about you

Since meeting with other people is not much on practise these days, it's better to connect with close ones indirectly. One must be open about their stuff and share it with the family members. This can help to boost the mood for both the parties. Being connected with other people is very important during this pandemic time. Regular contact with people is beneficial to have things balanced. Don't just talk about surface issues, be ready to open up about everything. The more you open up your feelings, the more it gets released and the more it will help to overcome the problems. This even builds trust and makes deeper bonds among people.


Exercise can release negative energies

Exercise is very important in order to relax. This can even solve all the mental stress and can provide a way out from negative thinking. The tension in the body gets released and it's way more safe to spend hours on walking, dancing, running instead of taking tension about the future.


Engage in something that inspires you

Work must be kept at the top priority. When one focuses on work, it's easier for them to distract themselves from all the negative thoughts and a simple work relay can help energize their moods. When one focuses on their work, they complete it and gain a skill. Thye feel happy as they feel a sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day, the human brain is all about goals, success, achievements, interaction and exploration.


So, consider the above points. It will help you improve your negative thoughts and get back to work with full happiness. If you are dealing with negative thoughts and need counselling, you can contact the helpline available in your country.