If you want to get a Black and White answer and immediately skip the full reading the answer is: No one can know the future beforehand but we can predict the future. If our predictions are based on assumption with a certain understanding the probability of predicting things are more likely to happen. If you want to get the deeper insight following till end which certainly can give some light to your curiosity.

Bhrigu Samhita is Sanskrit Astrology (commonly known as Jyoti Shastra) in its original form. Bhrigu is rishi’s name and Samhita is a Sanskrit word meaning collection. It consists of predictive analysis based on constellations and planets’ positionings.




My grandfather used to read Sanskrit Books when I was a child. He used to tell me things which at that time I couldn’t understand but later it started giving sense. Later I had started my research and was able to grasp the true understanding of wisdom he was trying to relay. The interesting thing here is my grandfather never did any formal schooling.

In this article, I am going to present ideas based on the sayings of my grandfather. My request is to not judge this article based on your current beliefs and understanding. I have tried to present a clear picture but might not be able to convince all groups of readers.



What are time and its correlation with Bhrigu Samhita?

Kal a word from Sanskrit: Some understand it by time, some by cycle, some by death, and some by a god who is responsible to take life from people. As per my grandfather, Kal is the sense of time with some guided rules.  Kal is the word that determines past, present, and future at a go embodied on emotional grounds. Bhrigu Samhita is guided by Kal Khand (Khand is a Sanskrit word for sectors) where a person is ruled by some emotions on some Khand and takes actions based on that set of emotions. Based on that a prediction is made with the origin of certain life/things. Human life prediction is made based on the time they took birth. So, if someone records the wrong time, obviously predictions are not going to be precise.



Is Bhrigu Samhita 100% accurate?

A quick answer to the above question is NO. Bhrigu Samhita has never claimed that it will be always correct so believing 100% in an Astrologer can be a mistake. A learned person who has done a lot of research and reading can predict your future precisely but not accurately.



Can we go to an astrologer to know our future?

A quick answer to the above question is yes but make sure the astrologer is a genuine expert who is a well-learned person. I would suggest no person believe in astrologer completely as it may result in a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction if not resulted precisely.



Can we know the future beforehand?

To this date, I have never seen who can know the future but I have seen many people predicting the future perfectly. So, I understand that unless we can move forward in time and get back we can’t know the future beforehand. If we found a way to time travel maybe we can know both the future and past but till we don’t control the time it seems impossible to know the future beforehand.




I have read various books on prediction and none written before computer mention about Computers. Computers have become so eternal of our life today which was never predicted before it happened. So personally also I don’t believe that future can be known but I strongly believe that it can be predicted. A simple example can be we are going to see a lot of electric vehicles on road in future as many people/companies are working aggressively towards it. If predictions are based on using facts and knowledge it can provide precise results.